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We are a family enterprise for the picking, preparation and production of medicinal herbs and mixtures. It is a family company due to the fact that love for the own business and the knowledge on which it is based, are the family heritage of Valentina Ivanovna Kantsur, being carefully passed over from generation to generation. Our manufactory implies only manual labor used to produce our medicinal mixtures, as well as only the most attentive, sincere attitude at all stages of production. You can rest assured that the Herbs of the Caucasus are picked and prepared as medical mixtures in compliance with all the traditions and rules of folk medicine - and in full compliance with the latest environmental standards!


Nowadays, in the age of high technologies and man-made disasters, more and more people around the world think about the dangers of chemicals, firmly associated in our lives as everyday tools, food and medicine; choose a natural, genuine, treatment with the help of the folk medicine. Our goal is to facilitate this choice by offering you a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry. The Herbs of the Caucasus - is a centuries-old knowledge of the folk medicine, experience of the best Russian herbalists and the modern phytological research in each mixture. This is an amazingly mild, careful, natural solution of your health problems by using the healing power of the Nature itself!


At the core of the current success that of the Herbs of the Caucasus family manufactory is a personal story of a resident of Goriatchy Klyutch - Valentina Ivanovna Kantsur – a person who managed to turn her personal experience overcoming some serious illnesses into a cause that helps many people. The old recipes of the medicinal mixtures composed of herbs and plants, which grow in abundance on the fertile lands of the sunny foothills of the Caucasus, turned out to be truly miraculous -- they enabled the curing of even those whose recoveries seemed impossible for the traditional medicine. Thus, in those days a private family business reached a completely different level and the significantly improved and expanded over many years, herbal medicinal recipes make up a well-deserved pride of the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise.
Having started with a single retail outlet, opened back in 1995, today the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise has turned into a large, successful company that combines in its work the most up to date standards of quality and high-tech manufacturing solutions with the age-old traditions of the folk herbalists. We employ a whole range of phytology specialists whose professional competence meets the highest requirements of today. However, we still are adherent to the traditional methods of picking, processing and packaging of our herbs, doing it by hand, despite of the substantial production volumes, and avoiding the forced drying. This particular care approach allows the mixtures of the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise to be consistently high quality and as effective as possible - since the herbs, contained in them, are prepared in accordance with the most stringent norms and regulations!


The full range of products made by the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise - is a 100 list of medical mixtures and 150 names of some other medicinal herbs. A detailed list of the areas of pharmaceutical impact of our herbal mixtures is not worse than the traditional medicines - significantly surpassing them in terms of quality. And if the drugs are designed to treat diseases – the herbs take care of one’s health!
The medicinal mixtures of Herbs of the Caucasus are virtually able to replace almost all of your medicine chest, while effectively and safely returning the quality of the proper life you had lost.
Metabolic diseases, the illnesses of digestive, urinary, cardiovascular and other systems of the organism, acute and chronic conditions, diseases of eyes, complications and relapses, all the things that prevent you from enjoying life - will certainly back off before the power, included by the nature in the medicinal mixtures of the Herbs of the Caucasus manufactory!
Designed for a full course of treatment, or a half of it for your convenience, our mixtures are stored in environmentally friendly packs, on which you can find both – the detailed instructions on how to use herbal mix, and a full description of its effect on the body. All the mixtures of the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise have a complex effect, not only accurately healing the particular organs affected by disease, but also enhancing health as a whole. We are bear in mind the fact that our body is a uniformed mechanism in which everything is interconnected!
The 150 names of the unique herbs harvested in the foothills of the Caucasus – are a true gift from us to all those who are familiar with the principles of herbal medicine, and have the own recipes for preparing medicinal mixtures. The naturally dried and immediately packaged right after drying herbs will be a perfect base for your family recipes, keeping a maximum spectrum of the therapeutic substances.
As a matter of fact, the quality of the phytology products is determined not only by the quality of the original raw material harvested – in this regard, the medicinal herbs; that for thousands of years grew abundantly on the vast foothills of the Caucasus, simply have no competitors! The richness and generosity of the local nature allow each year to get a fine crop of wild, organic plants that have unique healing properties.
The preservation of these properties is another challenge that the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise is coping perfectly. We dry our herbs naturally - as if you were preparing them in the attic, without applying any production techniques that violate the natural process.
Scientific evidence shows that the plants actively secrete biologically active substances for a long time after gathering them - the substances that are struggling with our diseases afterward. The concentration of these healthful substances only increases as the time required for complete drying of raw materials goes.
Giving priority to the absolute quality of our herbal products rather than the pursuit of quick profits, we let our medicinal herbs undergo a full cycle of natural drying in order to gain the highest amounts of valuable properties possible. Therefore, buying our medicinal herbs and mixtures, you can be quite sure that they were collected and stored up not only with the mind but also straight from the heart! This combination of the latest scientific research and the ancient traditions of folk medicine constitute the motto of the Herbs of the Caucasus enterprise. Herbs of the Caucasus – allow the Nature to take care of your health!

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